Wednesday, July 20, 2016

No logic to red tape on the bush .Productivity Commission strikes home

Good greens and farmers should work together better than they do
 Lets hope this light bulb moment from the Productivity Commission helps Australia do that .Hobbling is the word the Commission used.
The hobbling is largely due  to Greens and Labor preoccupations  with the law as the instrument of good in our society . The Left side should know better than to talk about education and not pursue it in this ---the most important area of interest for thoughtful Australians. Graduates Science Graduates
The mental illness in the bush is due to the fact that our political leaders have appointed incompetent people and a planning branch of them to teach rural people how to do conservation .

Less dumb unnecessary regulation would greatly improve farmers mental health .States must again realise that regional issues of environment planning must not be left in hands of Shires or State bureaus with no on ground commitment. States must cut their planning bureau empires and be encouraged to provide cadetships to rural people so that they can train in science to a level that meets and eventually again , exceeds the competency level of farmers.    
Interestingly,  to those of us who practice conservation,  the Greens don't know why rural people reject so  much of their rhetoric . Simply what drives rural people mad is the doctrines of Greens are not logical and that problem is related to another problem - the movement is  largely ideological:in nature  Its about sacred nature and not touching it
It's about letting the bears do their own thing.  The trees do there own thing . Preserving whats there

Long term impact of a mind bending misanthropy 
The Greens must be resisted as driven by unthinking and projected misanthropy.
The Greens are not afraid of the dark,  but they seem to get lost in it. The deeper inside their cave you go the darker it can get   The bear , like us,  has teeth  that tear muscle.   How many real lights are on might be a question when the whole quest for a new construct on nature is likely to get eaten ; When fear is a real driver in there somewhere . 
The mistake of misanthropy is to forget /project that just as bad as man CAN be, it is possible for him to do good . , Unlike the mere dodging of bears in the forest during the day  , man can , at his best , do some good ; some  door closing and dominioning   - sorry ,but not sorry,  about the Genesis lesson .

The real world of seed harvest and predation
Even zooplankton ( growing on  a truly grand scale on our continent  at this very moment) know about the need for carnivores and predators  as the water body grows and changes . You can't predict much danger if you don't deal with the real threats and opportunities for food production-- you can only spread fear

History of rural planning  -last 40yrs 
The reality is that the 40 year old pursuit of good through the planning process is not matched by a recognition that ecology, resilience and degradation are not subjects for the unqualified novices that shires currently employ  ,
The dumb sharing of  "species lists"" as the only thing to plant is symbolic of the fact that most planners employed by local government can't see the ecology for the trees .
The divorce is profound - we are no longer talking
Most of Australia is not an expression of a forest ecosystem 9 as the Greens would have it )   but expressions of savannah and other semi arid ecosystems .  The trees on these dumb lonely lists are not connected as they need to be to soils and associated  progressions phases as occur each year in savannah and each few years in forest ecosystems


The Lord's Prayer is 66 words long. The Ten Commandments: 79 words. The Gettysburg address: 272 words. EU regulations on the sale of cabbage? 26,911 words." The native vegetation regulations -- at least 26,911 words



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