Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why are we still at War ?

I like the idea of a Renaissance. My reason is we are living in a kind of dark ages not unlike those that stultified Europe for hundreds of years .As I understand it these DA's were 100's of years where worship of nature took over the minds of men and turned the glass half full into a huge long lasting slough of despond over man' s ability to help himself - in itself , a quite correct and correcting piece of metanoia ( see ABCradio's excellent series on 20 centuries in 2000) .
Presumably God seemed distant at times (eg black death ) but why did the DA's last so long- through and despite "success" Perhaps it was the very success of "engineering" the world that stopped them seeing that technology and talk of harmony and order wouldn't solve man's basic problem. I just posted on the strange contradictions in this area of the" The fertile crescent" which is currently STILL frightening us with WAR We have our very own fertile crescent with same risks sheep aridity and soils- called the Riverina and i will not call its real risks of degradation determinative -- unlike dumb and careless others.. I post elsewhere on the science base and its limits on this complex matter ,
I can see this disease and heavy footed tramping all around me . can you? Think of the wonder of a good garden - in symbolizes the energy to put some order in a work with nature, We are by careless thinking on environment risk ( my profession) denying the opportunity to enjoy the idea to our children ,
We should never see technology and imposed order (World views on both sides of the War) as the answer 2 our problems as we still do 100000's of years after the first civilizations in the Lavant.
Think of the myopic vision of the gardens of Babylon. We now know how to keep them growing, but we are STILL meddling badly and reactively with sheep driven politics on the borders. The Devil distracts us.
The powerful post renaissance people used the new idea of freedom to licence their lack of restraint .Holding a good balance starts with knowing how it CAN work at home .( Conservation that works can inspire us )

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