Wednesday, February 01, 2012

YES YES Prime Minister

That play is on again and its brilliant !
First time ever I've seen the ARTS have a good go at the progressive  left- and not before time .
It will be interesting to see what sneer those in power use to try and hold onto power and the prestige of office
The subject is serious and the fruits of the lefts fancies are THERE  left out in the cold -where they should have died years ago .
The half baked reactionaries were never destined to be self sustaining.  If they hadn't found  a drip feed in the public service, their ideas would have died the natural death associated with anything that doesn't work . With taxes they give themselves a right to play with the new method,  breaking all the solid rules of sound science They may talk like they are actually operating in the science mould  but their theme is moving on and moving fast , so they are not sustainable ( either in ideas or action )
If they didn't hold church meetings and kick our heretics  they wouldn't continue to try like Castro to justify being in charge of buildings that are NOW crumbling all around them . They mistargeted evil and ignored the science ; No wonder nothing works when they fiddle with it  ; when they allow their own prejudices to rule over those who study the subject properly.
And why are the buildings  crumbling?
See the play and you'll hear them say
- our daughters are in trouble
- we are a bunch of wooses , blaming others and projecting immorality on others ( the Muslim banker who wants a favor)
- We are in a haze of pretence, projection  and denial : failing to see that other cultures don't respect our so called high morals when we leave our daughters out on the street to find their identity
- those who get funding in the public service do what polys want - the ability to speak freely, operate professionally and study freely is increasingly denied .
We could go on  Go see it your self . The only relief , as in life, is to really tell the truth and stand up straight.


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