Monday, September 15, 2014

Giving our children back the opportunity to care

Is about making that enormous job manageable - something worthwhile to do that works .Something that uses their unique skills which even we as parents don't always see;  something that limits the territory of care to a manageable size.

I wrote this response to someone who it seemed to me had the worries of the world  TV)  on her shoulders

Christ calls us to care ( and cut) in (and only in ???)our neighbourhood ;  That's the right place for care;

The issues you raised are much more in my neighbourhood as an environmental risk assessor than most readers.

SO .If we took the time, to together study most of the issues you raised above properly, we will all see, eventually, that there only a few that are very threatening, some that still threaten but most are NOT issues anyone outside the area should really worry themselves about ,( raise again and again) This is my opinion of course, but I know enough to say that the media in raising them, Suzuki and Gore and selling them, are incompetently careless on quite a number of those things you listed above,(Issues in media often become distractions from the tougher issues closer to home) ,

This error and simplicity is because of something that is real but not obvious on the surface. The living created world has resilience factors. You often only see them if you study them , I don't want to make this a longer post so I will list them elsewhere
There are opportunities for nature itself to bounce back and accommodate our very careless impact . God, as always, does more work behind the scenes ( and with people there ) than we will ever realise here in the midst of the mayhem .

Suggestion :   Watch less TV and switchoff when its distracting ??

The job for all of us is to focus on some issues we know well enough to cut and care cleanly ( as you do in your own household with your own wayward members ); the really destructive ones. Destructive pressures are our daily lot - which ones?

What faith can and should do for all of us is teach us what to "worry "about . This means we use our limited energy wisely and because we are "there ", we can use our unique gifts profitably. Recognise too that many public media worries are unprofitable ( read Telecom 2000 report -- psychologists last century were also saying it )

You may not accept this, but it is very clear to me that Christians would give a much more effective witness to Christ if they kept doing what He taught us to do - concentrate on our own patch and respect those who do that well ( applies beyond environment) .The history of our civilization shows the method of caring works .

Find out who the real carers are . There are many in the world -You will not see them on TV esp if they challenge the ones we always see.

Please ask questions because we all get emotional on this subject ( me too) Clear objective and correct focus on critical conservation issues will help our children worry less about the world and work with it more.- enjoy conservation work as I do .

The way the world works many will worry about everything and do nothing. Got a better idea ,,,,,state it here !


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