Wednesday, July 20, 2016

No logic to red tape on the bush .Productivity Commission strikes home

Good greens and farmers should work together better than they do
 Lets hope this light bulb moment from the Productivity Commission helps Australia do that .Hobbling is the word the Commission used.
The hobbling is largely due  to Greens and Labor preoccupations  with the law as the instrument of good in our society . The Left side should know better than to talk about education and not pursue it in this ---the most important area of interest for thoughtful Australians. Graduates Science Graduates
The mental illness in the bush is due to the fact that our political leaders have appointed incompetent people and a planning branch of them to teach rural people how to do conservation .

Less dumb unnecessary regulation would greatly improve farmers mental health .States must again realise that regional issues of environment planning must not be left in hands of Shires or State bureaus with no on ground commitment. States must cut their planning bureau empires and be encouraged to provide cadetships to rural people so that they can train in science to a level that meets and eventually again , exceeds the competency level of farmers.    
Interestingly,  to those of us who practice conservation,  the Greens don't know why rural people reject so  much of their rhetoric . Simply what drives rural people mad is the doctrines of Greens are not logical and that problem is related to another problem - the movement is  largely ideological:in nature  Its about sacred nature and not touching it
It's about letting the bears do their own thing.  The trees do there own thing . Preserving whats there

Long term impact of a mind bending misanthropy 
The Greens must be resisted as driven by unthinking and projected misanthropy.
The Greens are not afraid of the dark,  but they seem to get lost in it. The deeper inside their cave you go the darker it can get   The bear , like us,  has teeth  that tear muscle.   How many real lights are on might be a question when the whole quest for a new construct on nature is likely to get eaten ; When fear is a real driver in there somewhere . 
The mistake of misanthropy is to forget /project that just as bad as man CAN be, it is possible for him to do good . , Unlike the mere dodging of bears in the forest during the day  , man can , at his best , do some good ; some  door closing and dominioning   - sorry ,but not sorry,  about the Genesis lesson .

The real world of seed harvest and predation
Even zooplankton ( growing on  a truly grand scale on our continent  at this very moment) know about the need for carnivores and predators  as the water body grows and changes . You can't predict much danger if you don't deal with the real threats and opportunities for food production-- you can only spread fear

History of rural planning  -last 40yrs 
The reality is that the 40 year old pursuit of good through the planning process is not matched by a recognition that ecology, resilience and degradation are not subjects for the unqualified novices that shires currently employ  ,
The dumb sharing of  "species lists"" as the only thing to plant is symbolic of the fact that most planners employed by local government can't see the ecology for the trees .
The divorce is profound - we are no longer talking
Most of Australia is not an expression of a forest ecosystem 9 as the Greens would have it )   but expressions of savannah and other semi arid ecosystems .  The trees on these dumb lonely lists are not connected as they need to be to soils and associated  progressions phases as occur each year in savannah and each few years in forest ecosystems


The Lord's Prayer is 66 words long. The Ten Commandments: 79 words. The Gettysburg address: 272 words. EU regulations on the sale of cabbage? 26,911 words." The native vegetation regulations -- at least 26,911 words


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why are we still at War ?

I like the idea of a Renaissance. My reason is we are living in a kind of dark ages not unlike those that stultified Europe for hundreds of years .As I understand it these DA's were 100's of years where worship of nature took over the minds of men and turned the glass half full into a huge long lasting slough of despond over man' s ability to help himself - in itself , a quite correct and correcting piece of metanoia ( see ABCradio's excellent series on 20 centuries in 2000) .
Presumably God seemed distant at times (eg black death ) but why did the DA's last so long- through and despite "success" Perhaps it was the very success of "engineering" the world that stopped them seeing that technology and talk of harmony and order wouldn't solve man's basic problem. I just posted on the strange contradictions in this area of the" The fertile crescent" which is currently STILL frightening us with WAR We have our very own fertile crescent with same risks sheep aridity and soils- called the Riverina and i will not call its real risks of degradation determinative -- unlike dumb and careless others.. I post elsewhere on the science base and its limits on this complex matter ,
I can see this disease and heavy footed tramping all around me . can you? Think of the wonder of a good garden - in symbolizes the energy to put some order in a work with nature, We are by careless thinking on environment risk ( my profession) denying the opportunity to enjoy the idea to our children ,
We should never see technology and imposed order (World views on both sides of the War) as the answer 2 our problems as we still do 100000's of years after the first civilizations in the Lavant.
Think of the myopic vision of the gardens of Babylon. We now know how to keep them growing, but we are STILL meddling badly and reactively with sheep driven politics on the borders. The Devil distracts us.
The powerful post renaissance people used the new idea of freedom to licence their lack of restraint .Holding a good balance starts with knowing how it CAN work at home .( Conservation that works can inspire us )

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Giving our children back the opportunity to care

Is about making that enormous job manageable - something worthwhile to do that works .Something that uses their unique skills which even we as parents don't always see;  something that limits the territory of care to a manageable size.

I wrote this response to someone who it seemed to me had the worries of the world  TV)  on her shoulders

Christ calls us to care ( and cut) in (and only in ???)our neighbourhood ;  That's the right place for care;

The issues you raised are much more in my neighbourhood as an environmental risk assessor than most readers.

SO .If we took the time, to together study most of the issues you raised above properly, we will all see, eventually, that there only a few that are very threatening, some that still threaten but most are NOT issues anyone outside the area should really worry themselves about ,( raise again and again) This is my opinion of course, but I know enough to say that the media in raising them, Suzuki and Gore and selling them, are incompetently careless on quite a number of those things you listed above,(Issues in media often become distractions from the tougher issues closer to home) ,

This error and simplicity is because of something that is real but not obvious on the surface. The living created world has resilience factors. You often only see them if you study them , I don't want to make this a longer post so I will list them elsewhere
There are opportunities for nature itself to bounce back and accommodate our very careless impact . God, as always, does more work behind the scenes ( and with people there ) than we will ever realise here in the midst of the mayhem .

Suggestion :   Watch less TV and switchoff when its distracting ??

The job for all of us is to focus on some issues we know well enough to cut and care cleanly ( as you do in your own household with your own wayward members ); the really destructive ones. Destructive pressures are our daily lot - which ones?

What faith can and should do for all of us is teach us what to "worry "about . This means we use our limited energy wisely and because we are "there ", we can use our unique gifts profitably. Recognise too that many public media worries are unprofitable ( read Telecom 2000 report -- psychologists last century were also saying it )

You may not accept this, but it is very clear to me that Christians would give a much more effective witness to Christ if they kept doing what He taught us to do - concentrate on our own patch and respect those who do that well ( applies beyond environment) .The history of our civilization shows the method of caring works .

Find out who the real carers are . There are many in the world -You will not see them on TV esp if they challenge the ones we always see.

Please ask questions because we all get emotional on this subject ( me too) Clear objective and correct focus on critical conservation issues will help our children worry less about the world and work with it more.- enjoy conservation work as I do .

The way the world works many will worry about everything and do nothing. Got a better idea ,,,,,state it here !

Sunday, September 02, 2012

On the nature of progress

“When modern sociologists talk of the necessity of accommodating one’s self to the trend of the time, they forget that the trend of the time at its best consists entirely of people who will not accommodate themselves to anything. At its worst it consists of many millions of frightened creatures all accommodating themselves to a trend that is not there.”
- G.K. Chesterton, Heretics

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The return of the Aristocracy- in suits ?

Garnaut has come out this week saying men in fine suits hold the key to solving the worlds problems. He's mainly talking about Carbon taxes and the role of economists in driving sustainable change.  As a welcome advocate of alternative economics from wayback,  he wasn't always a straight suit advocate.How much like Galbraith is Garnaut?
The point is , as a political animal , can we trust him and his brand of  power driven political intervention?   Always too big for his boots?. There is a bit of that even though I think he is right about the critical role of some new economists.  He was mainly talking about Carbon taxes  , BUT I'm talking about the daily grind of governance. Some up in politicaceleste forget about the critical importance of the later; Proclaiming the obvious;  Wearing the right words , but not wearing clothes . HC Anderson was right - such games  can't last! Galbraith got some things right ,but is Garnaut living on the capital , rather the substance of that?
Some leaders "just wanna push the button; switch the lever."   I insist these wannabes be prevented from doing that  but fully participate in "Parliament". Their job is to state consensus not state their own consensus.  

Aristocrats are always encouraged to act when the plebs and the parliament seem to be ineffective. With ABCTV  on about its own brand of aristocrats for decades , what hope is there for the barefoot doctors amongst us ?
  So , we have the aristocracy back in full force - what are we going to do to restrain them and make them work and think a bit harder and broader ( the real challenge for dealing with complex ecosystem issues is this business of talking things through )
There has CLEARLY been too much focus and unproductive talk on the importance of  "the barefoot doctor" in development poverty and justice  issues - for those who don't believe me look at the Aid agencies POor track record here !    Its no use being hard on "the fascists"when the "dogooders" are just treading water in the background!  Waste money and you'll lose the audience, whatever cause you drive on our behalf.
 Microeconomics may have replaced technological innovation as the focus of the aid agencies in recent years, but such focus  still  too small in focus and panders to quick fix and soft edged in imperative science to be effective . Aid agencies for all their interest , are like social workers,  running the risk of being  out of touch with the 2 areas that can help them make good decisions  .I am saying therefore that we need "social workers" and "economists" and that somehow they should stop fighting each other  for the territory.

Real improvements in resilience often happen as biproducts of economic activity, not because polies know what they are doing with it .The same has to be said for Aid agencies who are not in a position to talk out what it  takes a good parliament to do. The effectiveness of American foreign policy in Japan after the War is a special example of building on a low base ( helps drive things in a new direction) . but it highlights that in the right place , economists with  a do good focus can get it right .

Knowing the eco drivers will help our society , but its the sensitivity required to help people cope with change that threatens and has threatened all governments who allow quick fix merachants  to rule.
( Labor's CC policy in 2011)
So, suited sorts  and barefoot doctors can be either too close or too remote to be effective in bringing the people to more resislient positions. The difference between a Greece and  Germany?
What sort of forums are there for such discussions ?  Surely no one really believes a mere tax will result in transformation .
Its Bit like saying tariffs work better than targeted incentives ( they see it but they don't see it ) . The fall back position of course is that " you need a lot of money " to change behaviour . This is the mistake of many wannabes  -they want it too simple ; the pile of money too big .
You need both money,  signals and sensitivity in selling the real aim of coercion here . No use avoiding the ultimate need for some coercion as well as price signals ( the wooses only option)
Parliament should be one area for balanced integration of the advice of both advisors  because infact it not easy to survive eco crisis or even eco pressures - them or us .(Carbon tax will be centre stage at our next election )
 Resilience discussions  seem to be best held when we have room to move ; the imposition of carbon and water taxes has , like the careless ideas that drive pollies to use them have consequences - the poor have no room to move . The eco crisis in Europe may not be the place to see  a balanced discussion of a return to resilience . We've been running one for years  but whose watching?
The wonderful thing ( testimony of the West ) is that resilience can work and coercion accepted in the right comfort zone . The quick fixers are kidding themselves about being anything but panic merchants and "wolves in sheeps clothing" ;they waste our resources to do nothing to change the behaviour of the truly wasteful .Remember an economic ecologist knows which elements of the cycle are reused and not wasted . Most wannabes have no idea and can only see the passing traffic,  so panic comes naturally to them.
The problems are  less when you have the big picture in mind .Don't believe in "experts"when the problem is bigger than any of us individually.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

YES YES Prime Minister

That play is on again and its brilliant !
First time ever I've seen the ARTS have a good go at the progressive  left- and not before time .
It will be interesting to see what sneer those in power use to try and hold onto power and the prestige of office
The subject is serious and the fruits of the lefts fancies are THERE  left out in the cold -where they should have died years ago .
The half baked reactionaries were never destined to be self sustaining.  If they hadn't found  a drip feed in the public service, their ideas would have died the natural death associated with anything that doesn't work . With taxes they give themselves a right to play with the new method,  breaking all the solid rules of sound science They may talk like they are actually operating in the science mould  but their theme is moving on and moving fast , so they are not sustainable ( either in ideas or action )
If they didn't hold church meetings and kick our heretics  they wouldn't continue to try like Castro to justify being in charge of buildings that are NOW crumbling all around them . They mistargeted evil and ignored the science ; No wonder nothing works when they fiddle with it  ; when they allow their own prejudices to rule over those who study the subject properly.
And why are the buildings  crumbling?
See the play and you'll hear them say
- our daughters are in trouble
- we are a bunch of wooses , blaming others and projecting immorality on others ( the Muslim banker who wants a favor)
- We are in a haze of pretence, projection  and denial : failing to see that other cultures don't respect our so called high morals when we leave our daughters out on the street to find their identity
- those who get funding in the public service do what polys want - the ability to speak freely, operate professionally and study freely is increasingly denied .
We could go on  Go see it your self . The only relief , as in life, is to really tell the truth and stand up straight.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Media in denial about the role of religion

Once leading gurus in the media are struggling to understand the forces driving Australasian Politics - partly because they are largely in denial about the role of faith and the nature of moral compasses ; especially where they come from ( partly a science question) .

Whether you accept the Greens or not,  there are going to be more Greens and little greens , dark greens and light greens ,Islamists, Vegans   Wilkes,  Oakeshotts,  Xenophons and Feildings . Laugh they might , but even Windsor and Katter are passionate in a way that cynical determinists and the majority of bench warmers in politics can never be .
Adding to the political pressure ,  our children in Australa cannot cope with the moral relativism that we have imposed on them by sitting on the bench .  It doesn't matter whether its the Quaran, The Bible or the Shrink , we ALL sometimes  need guidance and our kids will seek it TOO,  once they realise that just behaving like" how you feel like or behaving just like animals" ( old nature knows best nonsense)  ;when the old nature worship stuff is correctly seen to be not enough.   Look at your own family and friends and be honest --maybe the media are too short of both to notice ?No its not really just their problem ( they reflect us) -its a problem  for most of us ---that we are a wishy washy lot .

And its no use laughing ( like so many did at Katter) because Wilke is right - Labor has lost" its Moral compass " ( and Libs have great trouble talking to theirs) I know Wilke doesn't see it like I do but thats not the point - the point is reasonable people are increasingly using religious arguments, and rightly so ( helps get your bearings)  .
(Katter, for example , got more votes last night from non and informal voters ( I spoke to one this morning ) because whatever he is or is not ( desperados in the school yard always focus on others faults ) he is passionate and honest . Beats the normal panel who just hedge on the ledge.  

What do the media think we are - stupid? The tsunami of concern  that translated into action against meat exports has much more to do with raw passion than reason . Such passion and prejudice is used by cynical determinists and others  to try and move people - its a power game  using prejudice and it assumes the public and polys are often easily led . This emotional driver thing is a great truth but very dangerous  --the rising anti religion groups in our culture are absolutely correct to identify this danger in post modernism (itself highly reactive) - the new religion of the west . The media , like the public too ,  fail to identify the unique safety mechanisms within our own system ( goes deeper than 1 vote one value  as USA ignorant engagement with Iraq and Africa shows ) -  Note :  Our intelligentsia haven't sought historically to codify the law --which is itself very dangerous ( until recently-- the dummies seem to be giving into public pressure for reasons given above ) ; freedom of religion out of the Bible is freedom to think for yourself etc

So why aren't the media more able to chase down the truth that they seem to be?  - eg when Global cooling is more likely to occur because of Volcanic Ash ( the reality for us geoscientists ) you just can't keep talking about the danger of Co2 without including it ( not done yet ,so this week its the equivalent of the media and media massage merchants with their pants right down ) .

By not taking all views in the first place , the media  look careless and partisan,  like polys ( see the guy  up the back on Qanda)  The good reporters just need to interview scientists on thedrum , convos,  7pm report and so on. About time ABCTV and 774 stopped controlling whose heard .

Too many people are afraid to ask the question a child might ask ( they at least are often honest - about really big picture questions)  Why  did all that ash come to Melbourne and what is it meant to teach us - apart from the fact that we are a lot of self centred grumps .

And that doesn't even include the Dhali Lama who is also saying to those desperately holding to their view of their wonderfully complete world view -that overly reasonbound world of the old greek -- reality is  bigger and even better ( strange paradox ) than you think!-- too much for some eh!    Don't get left behind. Study the stuff.

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Intervention is back on the stage

It may only be an  idea in the reactionary driven minds of many in the left  but its got momentum - momentum of partial truth that will carry it far .It may sit uncomfortably with the simple reactionary rhetoric of the left  bit sit it will . It may just be wind in their minds , but its a wind that s now detemined  to win ;

Progressives who specialize in reactionary medicine  and who as a result drive new directions  have yet to deal with the reason they chose it - let alone ....what it might lead to .

Why? Because letting people do what they like and handing em money JUST doesn't work .Forcing kids to go to schools does - How long will it take the  modern parents down south to catch up with the universal truth burned into reality by necessity . in our Northern Territory.