Monday, June 13, 2011

Media in denial about the role of religion

Once leading gurus in the media are struggling to understand the forces driving Australasian Politics - partly because they are largely in denial about the role of faith and the nature of moral compasses ; especially where they come from ( partly a science question) .

Whether you accept the Greens or not,  there are going to be more Greens and little greens , dark greens and light greens ,Islamists, Vegans   Wilkes,  Oakeshotts,  Xenophons and Feildings . Laugh they might , but even Windsor and Katter are passionate in a way that cynical determinists and the majority of bench warmers in politics can never be .
Adding to the political pressure ,  our children in Australa cannot cope with the moral relativism that we have imposed on them by sitting on the bench .  It doesn't matter whether its the Quaran, The Bible or the Shrink , we ALL sometimes  need guidance and our kids will seek it TOO,  once they realise that just behaving like" how you feel like or behaving just like animals" ( old nature knows best nonsense)  ;when the old nature worship stuff is correctly seen to be not enough.   Look at your own family and friends and be honest --maybe the media are too short of both to notice ?No its not really just their problem ( they reflect us) -its a problem  for most of us ---that we are a wishy washy lot .

And its no use laughing ( like so many did at Katter) because Wilke is right - Labor has lost" its Moral compass " ( and Libs have great trouble talking to theirs) I know Wilke doesn't see it like I do but thats not the point - the point is reasonable people are increasingly using religious arguments, and rightly so ( helps get your bearings)  .
(Katter, for example , got more votes last night from non and informal voters ( I spoke to one this morning ) because whatever he is or is not ( desperados in the school yard always focus on others faults ) he is passionate and honest . Beats the normal panel who just hedge on the ledge.  

What do the media think we are - stupid? The tsunami of concern  that translated into action against meat exports has much more to do with raw passion than reason . Such passion and prejudice is used by cynical determinists and others  to try and move people - its a power game  using prejudice and it assumes the public and polys are often easily led . This emotional driver thing is a great truth but very dangerous  --the rising anti religion groups in our culture are absolutely correct to identify this danger in post modernism (itself highly reactive) - the new religion of the west . The media , like the public too ,  fail to identify the unique safety mechanisms within our own system ( goes deeper than 1 vote one value  as USA ignorant engagement with Iraq and Africa shows ) -  Note :  Our intelligentsia haven't sought historically to codify the law --which is itself very dangerous ( until recently-- the dummies seem to be giving into public pressure for reasons given above ) ; freedom of religion out of the Bible is freedom to think for yourself etc

So why aren't the media more able to chase down the truth that they seem to be?  - eg when Global cooling is more likely to occur because of Volcanic Ash ( the reality for us geoscientists ) you just can't keep talking about the danger of Co2 without including it ( not done yet ,so this week its the equivalent of the media and media massage merchants with their pants right down ) .

By not taking all views in the first place , the media  look careless and partisan,  like polys ( see the guy  up the back on Qanda)  The good reporters just need to interview scientists on thedrum , convos,  7pm report and so on. About time ABCTV and 774 stopped controlling whose heard .

Too many people are afraid to ask the question a child might ask ( they at least are often honest - about really big picture questions)  Why  did all that ash come to Melbourne and what is it meant to teach us - apart from the fact that we are a lot of self centred grumps .

And that doesn't even include the Dhali Lama who is also saying to those desperately holding to their view of their wonderfully complete world view -that overly reasonbound world of the old greek -- reality is  bigger and even better ( strange paradox ) than you think!-- too much for some eh!    Don't get left behind. Study the stuff.

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