Monday, March 21, 2011

Conviction kitchen - It was always right to talk right and to do right

Our PM has been,  if nothing else,  consistent this week . She's been talking consistently about " what's right' ; its right to set  a price for carbon . It s right  to do this and it's right to do that ,
Does  this mean the left and the greens have finally abandoned their flag called "Morality is bunk " . Is she for real or just playing up to the margins on this .
Will the real Julia stand up ? will the left really stand-up ( after all Labor caucus are implicated here too ) If they don't really believe in the moral high ground that makes them big hypocrites .
maybe,  at last we have some ripping open of the issues .
It seems to me that the box is open , the box is big and no amount of woosy "let everyone do what they like talk" by the greens will save them from the obscurity they deserve on many matters of serious public choice and morality.    
Greenlabor have had their chance to prove they know what they are talking about and have failed . The Victorian and now NSW 9 this saturadys election ) demonstrate they can't cook for nuts and give sound science ( eg on water conservation) a bad name  by always talking about science as if they alone own it - bullsh
Thankfully in the universe we live in  the truth matters and  the truth is out.


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