Friday, October 01, 2010

Progress is dependant on not getting distracted

You can tell when a paradigm change is on when quite different, but non radical groups use the same logic to justify their ambitions. How about when those who think of themselves as progressive intellectuals use the same logic as some of the most predjudiced.

Geoffrey  Robertson, and those worried by bikie groups are getting distracted by talk of prosecuting institutions when things go wrong. Robertson thinks he can nail the churches bad boys by nailing the church and the NSW govt by nailing the name of bikie groups .Neither dummies know what they are doing.You don't nail evil unless you nail the sin and the person who done it. to do more than that is to play god.
 These lawmen are ignoring the limits of law and liberty which makes them  more of a worry than their worries .
Such weak and pathe.tic moves will ultimately be seen to be driven by fanaticism,.Meanwhile our society suffers their arrogance and stupidity .
The shallow basis for the current logic is obvious - highly reactionary, culturally retrograde, mistargeted content  and ultimately creates more heat than light..........and our ABC can't even see the stupidity that will characterize monday night qanda . Dangerous thinking it is but only if you see dangerous as unproductive and destructive 


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