Monday, March 22, 2010

Cricket - jolly good show mate

What a good thing it was that QandA (ABCTV)  ended again in paradigm territory this week with a discussion about Cricket.
 Such a relief from the dull decades of longwinded greeks and stale old Abcchurch stuff  .
Cricket says something significant about what's good about the West

Tim Wilson might not yet get the point about Cricket , but he's got the point about Labor trying to live the dream of politicaceleste.
I feel for Tim,  because for me too,  Cricket was both  too slow and too dangerous to be taken seriously when I was young . Surely only mad people would stand around on long hot days waiting for that very hard ball  to strike them like lightning- as it most surely would.  Finally ,with a helmet on and some good advice from my superiors ( above),  I have come to really enjoy this wonderful game that is,clearly,  at its best with a Test.

What better education revolution could we ask  for our young people than  to enjoy the game ; To learn what it means to play the ball and not the man ; to learn and know backwards these words( Greg Hunt take note - especially in rediscovering the proper paradigm for the environment) Short term gain - long term pain + vice versa (Hang in there , choose to slap /choose to  slag , teamwork, its not about YOU !............)
So many of us ( quite a few on the panel?) are too busy , and too hooked on the religion of works volume rightousness that we forget the powerful and better directed passion that develops with reflection and rest too.
Cricket teaches the impatient,  like a  nagging mother ( on some long hot summer days)  that there is virtue in patient persistence and working together on slowfix
What a celebration of patience , teamwork and  the unexpected win cricket  is .There are rewards for waitin.
The West at its best does not model itself on the machine . It respects the rest day and the need for reflection that comes with taking it.
Noone could benefit more for its lessons than some leading members of government ( been too long at abcchurch ?) and on the ABCTV panel on QANDA tonight who need to slow down and  work ONLY on  the only model that works in the longterm - the one of doing things properly( and using public servants (and not consultants )who have done the hard yards too!) .
As one panelist noted : You can't have 20/20 without learning the game the hard way .    You can't have the cake without eating a few dry biscuits first .
Not a game for wimps ! Go get em boys !


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