Sunday, March 14, 2010

Takes one to know one

There are some great Aussie sayings. I especially like the ones that challenge us to avoid thinking we are so great . "Having a go " is one in that line ."Duck shoving" another .
The great thing about "takes one to know one " is it challenges us to honesty with ourselves . to test the water for projection. .
 Fine  to use em if it  leaves the question open about " whose really got the problem" .The noisy one or the observer?. When the cutting cuts at the idea or the action and not the person,  it's food for thought . The glass half full side of the being a realist. Helping us deal with denial is healthy  (The tall poppy syndrome and the sledging you can have.)
Richard Dawkins is less convincing than he thinks because he's not aware of what he's doing . Sure you can make money like Dan Brown questioning everything and "having a go" .  We rebels ALL agree that words are powerful , but never let us stop using them,  carefully . Let the Dan Browns of this world play up to predjudice with the same old same old .
 Dawkins psychologist and most of us should be asking " are you in denial about being religious yourself" .( science of the mind rather suggests we all are" religous")  ABCnews of the grand conference of Atheists in Melbourne this week focused on what looked like denial ( I'm not vehement am i?" ) Sound sustainability scientists accept the role of aggression,  and are not in denial about it .
 And what seems worse on the convincing stakes is having Peter Singer as second fiddle .; Surely the man has spent  more time chasing reactionary trams than any old greeks we know .
Finally they talk a lot of hot air about evidence.
- few scientists amongst them . They say 'what scientist say" which could mean they just say what they wanna say . They use the word evolution to preach the doctrine of evolutionary and secular determinism . ( a fine but important distinction )
- Celebrating the rise ? All growth is not good. Especially if it arises out of redoubling of effort and there is plenty of evidence for fanaticism and denial amongst them .
-Evidence from History ; need to be more careful who sits in the back row of congregations of people who think they should be allowed to do their own thing . The history of such conferences is that they achieve little ( Ask Emperor Julian - he had lots of money to throw at the problem ) and harbour more tyrants than our own traditions of faith .
- The evidence is that some of these old Greeks ( Plato's cave  )would have gone further with identifying the merry go round of mere rhetoric than they have in the 2000 years since.


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