Monday, February 08, 2010

So Greek, So predictably predictable

So true .Niki Savva. The Over whelming left wing bias of our press is also a sad indictment on their wallowing in the predictable shallows of reactionary conservatism; Rather than reaching the challenging heights of more revolutionary or reformist ambitions they are happy to keep splashing in the birdbath of cynical pedantry and personal jibes. Bullies ?

One hopes both sides of Parliament start to recognise that the problems of perspective by being "too greek" are on both sides .....and go beyond the limits imposed by the media and their greekness; defined solutions are often obscured by the immense culture of reactionary politics which has kept the wannabes in a hole responding to noise rather than making a bit of noise thats truly their own, or reporting on a noise that is currently just annoying for its political incorrectness !!!!!!


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