Saturday, July 11, 2009

A revolution in management is coming

We think that its time to talk about really works in management . That way people won't be so easily confused by all this irregular worship of the CEO .
Its simple, instead of the focus on one you remind your failing friends group that true leadership requires us to work together in more than name only . We are the 3 amigos .
The 3 amigos with the 3 agendas .And note the three are all focused down not up . On responses not directives . On response ability NOT response agility
The President - to direct traffic esp from those who execute the functions of the org
The Secretary - whose clear job is to hear the traffic and record the responses
The Treasurer Whose clear job is to ensure that all participants know what is really happening on the bottom line

The 3 must meet and the 3 must greet - how many institutions do you are failiang because these simple roles are not taken seriuosly.
How many institutions do you know that are failing because the president thinks its his job to direct action not traffic .
How many institutions do you know that are failing simply because there is confusion over what the roles are with responsible governance? . Tell us more .

You realise ,of course, the nature of this revolution don't you ? Coming back to where we started .Where we never have to leave home again .


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