Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Highest forms of art -

- often just seek to tell the truth .

There is no escape from the truth in the outstanding film JUMP (2007) ***** By telling the true story of Phillipe Halsman, we ride the rough road of anger , frustration, unfairness, deliberate personal destructiveness and prejudice together.
The scary thing is that many of the real participants in this real life drama were not at war, but were destined to let it happen by their weakness. Are we any different ? Jumping to conclusions about others ?
On the very positive side , I hope you will find the last few films listed here really helpful/enjoyable for your family viewing. Like all the best literature, there is no shurking of the evil lurking on both shoulders .

By putting the mirror up to show/remind us of " how people get in such a mess " we have some chance to further studying the process so we can avoid the very problem for oursleves ...Enjoy.


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