Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Men dealing with emotions

Australian men are indeed afraid of emotion - listening to your mother and wife scream is infact important. A good way for the passive partner or role reversed good cop to undersatnd and deal with anger- instead of hiding from it, or letting it leak ouk out or blow up and kill people. Words can indeed kill ( see Wikipedias listing under depression or do good ( on anger) )

(eg Margaret pomeranz aand david stratton ABCTV 4th nov 2008 THe mens group movie ) i dragged myself back for a moment to the ABC to hear margaret again say "something nice about aussie movies" - movies that typically identify a problem but stumble to get anywhere near dealing with its subject and origins ; in this case raw emotional energy.

david and margaret - nice , very nice , but far too nice to be effective )


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